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MSSP and MDR: using experts to manage an EDR

Why use an MSSP? What role does it play? What are the benefits and what can you expect?
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The decision to outsource the management of an SOC can be a strategic one, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), when they lack the necessary skills and resources.

Calling on a partner to ensure the cybersecurity of a company or organization

Protecting an information system is essential, whatever the size of a company or organization, and that’s not counting the challenges of complying with rules and standards that are mandatory in certain sectors (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIS2…). This is where the idea of “Cybersecurity as a Service” comes into its own: relying on a MSSP (or partner) both relieves the burden on technical teams, and enables you to take advantage of the highest level of expertise to manage EDR – in other words, to benefit from MDR (Managed Detection and Response).

In concrete terms, what does a MSSP do?

The role of the MSSP is to audit and identify the best solutions for protecting an IS. Its experts process and analyze data on behalf of the customer.
The MSSP proposes the most appropriate tools and administers them transparently, while preserving the customer’sautonomy in terms of choice of tools and services.
In a dynamic partnership, exchanges between the MSSP and its customer remain crucial to the successful implementation of cyber strategy and theoptimization of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

The benefits of a MSSP in 4 key points

MSSP takes the load off technical teams

It manages tools, endpoints and logs, analyzes data and processes alerts, filtering out the noise to focus on the essentials. In addition, it maintains EDR in direct contact with the supplier. 

MSSP promotes cost control

The MSSP enables companies to protect their information systems when they don’t have the budget to recruit analysts directly. It also enables them to pool hosting and licensing costs, and absorb the costs associated with changes in context that require new expertise. 

MSSP anticipates and optimizes incident response

The MSSP continuously anticipates, detects and blocks evolving threats, guaranteeing rapid response in the event of a security incident.
It can integrate EDR with an ecosystem of partner tools, facilitating monitoring and remediation.
It also updates and patches all managed tools (firewalls, antivirus, EDR, etc.). 

The MSSP contributes to the development of cyber knowledge

Technical teams can deepen their knowledge of the cyber context by relying on their MSSP, whose role is to master their customer’s business context.
The MSSP can also offer consulting services and training in security tools. 

MDR: what can you expect from a MSSP?

  • A la carte support, depending on which elements of the SOC you wish to retain control of, and which you wish to delegate to the MSSP. 
  • Efficient support tailored to your needs, up to 24/7. 
  • Short reaction times guaranteed by an SLA.
  • Regular reporting and clear dashboards.
  • Scalable services, expertise and tools to adapt to the cyber environment. 

They testify

“With the support of a MSSP, I have immediate access to resources with the necessary qualifications to manage my EDR, and I can immediately bring in-house teams up to speed on cyber issues. It takes an average of 18 months to train an analyst – time I don’t have!
So, with a MSSP, I benefit from both the best of EDR, and the expertise of analysts. This allows me to optimize my budget for securing my IT assets.”
Mathieu Thuaire, Group CISO – Université Paris Cité

“We chose to go through a MSSP to save time and be more efficient in the operational management of our EDR, but also to rationalize our resources and budget in a context of strong growth and digital transformation. Indeed, our installed base has multiplied by 3 in just a few years!
In addition, the IT Department was aware of the challenges of cybersecurity, with the ambition of equipping itself for optimal protection of the entire IS.
By outsourcing the management of our EDR to a MSSP, we can deploy our cyber strategy with complete confidence, manage all our various deployment projects and system and network architecture overhauls at the same time, and guarantee the protection of our ever-growing installed base.”
Rayan Hocine, IS Cybersecurity Project Manager – Grand Large Yachting

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