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HarfangLab’s EDR chosen to integrate Axians’ Solar SOC offering, to meet enterprises’ managed cybersecurity needs

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EDRHarfangLab, a French cybersecurity company, supplier , is proud to announce the signature of an exclusive technological partnership with Axians, a VINCI Energies brand dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses. This partnership is part of a broader range of services dedicated to cybersecurity, with the launch of Axians’ Solar SOC offering, hosted directly on Axians’ Cloud infrastructure. The only technology EDR- Endpoint Detection and Response – integrated into Axians’ SOC, will be that of HarfangLab.

Businesses are more exposed than ever to cyberthreats, as confirmed by the 143% increase in the number of ransomware victims worldwide and the explosion (over 1200%) in the number of phishing emails. At the same time, with a demand for over 4 million talents according to the latest ISC2 report, the number of cybersecurity experts is growing too slowly to fill the need worldwide. Even so, companies – from SMEs to multinationals – are investing more to protect themselves against cyber risk, and increasingly approaching expert players to consume cybersecurity as a service.

Over the past ten years, Axians has established itself on the market as a cybersecurity specialist capable of building a service offering tailored to the needs of each company, enabling them to construct their own cybersecurity trajectory. Our teams are constantly innovating to provide effective, scalable, sustainable and market-differentiating offerings; in other words, a turnkey approach to cybersecurity that is robust, efficient and trustworthy. It is with this in mind that Axians today officially launched its managed SOC offering, Solar SOC, hosted in France in its own datacenters.

Solar SOC, a unique offer


To build its offer and deliver the best services, Axians partners with leading software publishers, capable of responding to both the reality of the threat and the requirements and specificities of organizations. It is with this in mind that, backed by their shared vision, Axians and French cybersecurity company HarfangLab have signed an exclusive partnership agreement to integrate HarfangLab’s EDR technologies into Axians’ new global managed SOC offering, Solar SOC..

HarfangLab develops EDR solution to detect and block modern cyber threats at the strategic level of endpoint, before they can compromise the security of a company’s infrastructure. HarfangLab’sEDR is designed to be robust, efficient and interoperable, so that it can be easily connected to other market-leading SOC tools.

Convinced by the quality and technical capabilities of HarfangLab’sEDR , as well as the transparency of its detection rules, Axians also chose HarfangLab for its ability to carry out a tailor-made deployment of its EDR within its own Cloud.

It’s an unprecedented cooperation, since HarfangLab is deploying this tailor-made approach for the first time, and because the company will be the only one to be able to integrate its EDR into Axians’ Solar SOC offering.

A true technical feat, and the fruit of Axians’ attention to integrating high-quality tools, Axians’ Solar SOC offering will enable corporate customers to benefit from a range of cybersecurity services hosted directly by their trusted partner.

National and European ambitions in line with Axians and HarfangLab objectives

This strategic and exclusive partnership will enable Axians to propose a unique, integrated offering that meets the need to deploy a solid, high-quality cybersecurity strategy, while drawing on the expertise of a trusted third party to make up for the real lack of in-house resources and skills.

To guarantee the quality of service promised by Axians to its customers, HarfangLab delivered a large-scale training program to 40 Axians experts, helping them to master and manage the tool in the best possible conditions.

Solar SOC will be officially available from January 2024.

Catherine Oudot, Channel Director at HarfangLab, comments: ” We are delighted by this partnership with Axians, a partner with whom we share many values. It’s rare to sign exclusivities, so we’re particularly proud of this project, which bears witness to the trust established between our two entities. This project is part of our development plan to position ourselves as the European leader inEDR , and what could be more exciting than to see our technology recognized as the best to meet Axians’ ambitions.”

For Karim Djebar, Head of Cybersecurity Strategic Development at Axians in France : ” We are delighted to extend our partnership with HarfangLab through our Solar SOC offering hosted within our sovereign cloud. We will thus be able to meet the challenges of the new NIS2 directive and enable the companies concerned to achieve compliance by October 2024 by responding to the main measures to be implemented, particularly on the “cybersecurity incident management” and “crisis management” fronts, while benefiting from the flexibility of our SaaS business model.

About HarfangLab

HarfangLab is a French cybersecurity company that publishes EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software, a technology that anticipates and neutralizes cyberattacks on computers and servers. Certified by ANSSI since 2020, HarfangLab now has over 250 customers, including government agencies, businesses and international organizations operating in highly sensitive sectors. HarfangLab’sEDR , currently deployed on over 800,000 endpoints, stands out for: the openness of its solution, which integrates natively with all other security bricks; its transparency, as the data collected byEDR remains accessible; and the digital independence it offers, as customers are free to choose their hosting mode: public or private cloud, or their own infrastructure.

About Axians 

Axians is an integrated, international network of companies that work together agilely.

Axians supports its customers – private companies, the public sector, operators and service providers – in the evolution of their infrastructures and digital solutions. Axians’ expertise covers the full range of information and communication technologies: application solutions and data analytics, corporate networks and digital workspaces, datacenters and clouds, telecom infrastructures, cybersecurity(PASSI RGS qualified by ANSSI). Through consulting, design, integration and services, Axians develops customized solutions to transform technology into added value.

Axians, a VINCI Energies brand, employs 14,000 people in 35 countries and will generate sales of 3.3 billion euros by 2022.