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IKARUS and HarfangLab ally to build a unique European cybersecurity offer

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The two companies today announce the signature of a partnership agreement aimed at providing the market with high-quality, independent cyber security solutions 100 % made and hosted in Europe.

A recent survey carried out by HarfangLab and Sapio Research in Europe shows that 72% of European SMEs believe that European security suppliers are better able to understand and address the needs of European organizations. The alliance between IKARUS and HarfangLab is part of the response to this need. The two companies are determined to provide their customers with a 100 % European offering that is both relevant and effective, at a time when 47 % of European SMEs consider themselves to be highly exposed to cyber risk.

An international partnership in line with the two companies’ international development.

The most effective cybersecurity strategies are based on technology and on human and operational skills. That’s why HarfangLab markets its solutions through expert partners and cybersecurity service providers (MSSPs). As an expert partner, IKARUS offers organizations and companies the deployment, operation, and supervision of cybersecurity solutions. This offer will be expanded to include a game-changing European solution as a result of the partnership.

IKARUS today monitors mainly European endpoints, mostly from public and private entities localized in Germany and Austria. Those clients will benefit from the cutting-edge technological approach focused on high-level CTI capabilities that both HarfangLab and IKARUS share.

With HarfangLab, we share our focus on high-quality solutions and on the requirements of European organizations,” says Christian Fritz, COO of IKARUS: “By combining the strengths and values of both companies, we will be able to fill a gap in the cybersecurity market and meet the need for reliable, independent, European-made solutions.”

Grégoire Germain, CEO and co-founder of HarfangLab adds: “With this commercial partnership, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to accelerate our development in Europe, while sharing the same values of security, autonomy and excellence with IKARUS, a recognized and respected player in the European cybersecurity ecosystem. At the same time, we are giving IKARUS the opportunity to accelerate its development in France and Europe, where they will benefit from a solid base of customers looking for a trusted cybersecurity partner capable of addressing sophisticated cyberthreats.”

Consolidation of a European cybersecurity ecosystem

This partnership is also the concrete expression of a shared vision between the two players to build a credible European cybersecurity offering that guarantees the strategic autonomy of European organizations. The partnership between IKARUS and HarfangLab provides an answer to the needs of organizations wishing to combine performance and resilience, while retaining their autonomy in the choice of infrastructure for hosting their data, and in the access of the data used by their cybersecurity solutions. 100% European, IKARUS and HarfangLab offer meets the need for autonomy and proximity and supports the ambition for high-performing European cybersecurity.

About HarfangLab

HarfangLab is a French cybersecurity company specializing in endpoint protection. HarfangLab publishes technologies that anticipate and neutralize cyber-attacks on computers and servers, as well as providing a better understanding of your IT infrastructure for improved security.  HarfangLab was the first EDR to be certified by ANSSI, and today boasts a large number of customers, including administrations, companies and international organizations operating in highly sensitive sectors. HarfangLab’s solutions are distinguished by: their openness, with solutions that integrate natively with all other security bricks; their transparency, as the data collected by the tools remains accessible; and the strategic autonomy they offer, as its customers are free to choose their hosting mode: cloud, public, private, or SecNumCloud, or their own infrastructure. 


IKARUS Security Software has been developing and operating leading cyber security technologies since 1986. The company’s research and development are focused on its renowned malware scan engine, easy-to-use and effective cloud solutions, and the protection of critical infrastructure. Together with selected technology partners, IKARUS offers a complete suite of cyber security services for companies of all sizes and for (critical) infrastructures. These range from the modular IKARUS Threat Intelligence Platform, which aggregates and processes international and local threat information, to incident response services, advanced threat protection and OT security sensors.