Cyber Success Stories


For Samsic, EDR is an essential building block for protecting all endpoints, via a managed service.


Samsic is an international business services group with 30,000 customers. Through its Information System, Samsic manages a large volume of financial and technical data, as well as that of its 125,000 employees. Protecting this data is of paramount importance.   

After analyzing the context and requirements, Samsic identified EDR as an essential security asset for detecting and responding to threats to servers and workstations – including data exfiltration and Information System shutdown.   

HarfangLab’s EDR complements a range of existing systems, including NDR, firewall and network access security system.  

Why HarfangLab?

The goal: a tool that continuously protects endpoints!   

“We defined a roadmap, of which EDR was part, knowing that behind the tools, you need a team to operate them. So it wasn’t just a question of adding a tool to our infrastructure, the point was meeting a specific need! 
We wanted a market-leading EDR, a solution we could trust to protect us against current and future threats. Sovereignty was also a priority criterion.
We chose HarfangLab because it is a technically robust solution, easy to use with an ergonomic interface, that detects and blocks threats effectively.
Another major advantage of HarfangLab is its ability to carry out in-depth research in the event of an incident. The EDR provides a wealth of information on whether an event is legitimate or not, making analysts’ work easier.”
Olivier Colly, Executive Vice President, former Group CIO


Samsic’s teams had already mastered the deployment tools, which contributed to a very rapid implementation of the EDR.

This process was facilitated by the possibility of testing the solution in advance, and benefiting from dedicated support. As a result, the entire IT infrastructure was covered in just one month, i.e. over 5,000 workstations, mobilizing 3 resources from the Security and Infrastructure teams.


To meet the need for 24/7 reactivity in the event of an incident, Samsic calls on the services of a MSSP.

The MSSP provides support for Samsic’s in-house teams, covering all the group’s entities and ensuring “Follow the sun” support.

In addition, thanks to this partner, Samsic’s technical teams can draw on external expertise to push the use of HarfangLab’s EDR even further.


After a year’s use, Samsic’s teams benefit from improved visibility over workstations and servers to guard against attacks.   

This visibility extends not only to the entire IT infrastructure, but also to off-network endpoints, which are also threat vectors.   

EDR enables security teams to save time, and be more effective in both prevention and incident response.   

“The automation features offered by HarfangLab’s EDR are very important to us.
Indeed, automating incident response saves us time, enabling to launch our analyses as quickly as possible. 
In our stack, the EDR was truly the missing technical link that facilitates human supervision!”
Olivier Colly, Executive Vice President, former Group CIO